Hidetoshi Nakayama Bolt Action Pen/Knife - Satin/Wood w/Clip

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Hidetoshi Nakayama is a Japanese knife maker and artist. He is renowned for his detail skills and old world craftsmanship. His bolt action pens are a perfect example of an artist making a ubiquitous item into a functional work of art. Each of these pens are crafted by hand by Hidetoshi and therefore no two are exactly the same. This particular pen is satin/polished steel set off by a beautifully hand carved piece of wood. Don't ask us what kind of wood as a bit was lost in the translation from Hidetoshi and we have no idea! The pen also features a hidden knife blade when the pen "cap" is unscrewed which allows you to always have a small but handy blade at the ready. The blade features a slim and narrow, hand flat ground drop point profile, with brushed sating flats and a polished spine. Deluxe version with handcrafted, springloaded pocket clip. The pen is easily refilled by simply unscrewing the tip and replacing the cartridge

  • Overall Length: 4.85
  • Blade Length: 1.25 in
  • Cutting Edge Length: 1.115 in
  • Blade Thickness: .090 in
  • Weight: 2.4 oz 
  • Ink Cartridge: Pilot BRFS-10F

Hidetoshi Nakayama is a Japanese artist that seems to be capable of just about anything from carving, knife making, silver smithing, etc. He is renowned for his detail skills and old world craftsmanship. Each and every piece from Hide is literally hand made from start to finish in his shop. Hide's pieces are always innovative and are like work from a bygone era. In fact, check out this excerpt from Kimo's amazing video on the Starlingear Collaborators to see how Hide literally hand crafts his pieces.


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