Return Policy

(Updated 1/1/2022)

Monkey Edge only sells top shelf gear and we want you to be stoked with your purchase. However, if you are not happy, we have the following return policies:

  • You must notify us within three business days of the item being delivered.
  • All returns MUST have a Return Authorization from Monkey Edge prior to being sent back.
  • You have three days from receipt of item to contact us and request a Return Authorization (RA) number.
  • All items must be returned in the same condition as they were received. This means if you carried the item, put on any wear, or cut something, it’s yours. We also require all original packaging, inserts, hardware, and anything else that came with the item. If we don't get all the parts and packaging back, we will not accept the return. For leather goods, see additional details below.
  • You are responsible for the item until it reaches us, so please send insured and packed well. If we sent it to you in a box, send it back to us in a box. If an item is damaged in transit or is lost due to poor packaging, you will have to file an insurance claim as we will not be issuing a refund and will return whatever pieces we have back to you.
  • Returns must be received 14 days (21 for international orders) from the date you were issued an RA number. Returns received past that time period will be charged a handling fee.
  • Please allow 5-7 business days for us to process your return. You will be issued a refund for the cost of the item minus original shipping charges. If your order qualified for our free shipping deal, we will deduct the actual cost of shipping your order from the refunded amount.
  • Other fees may apply for special handling/cases. Please contact us for any questions about our return policy.

Buying and Returning Leather Gear

Please see our in-depth guidelines on ordering, handling and returning leather goods here.

Returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee!

Monkey Edge is still a small business. We are not Wal-Mart. Returns cost us money in credit card fees, labor, etc. Not to mention, it is tying up gear that could have been sold instead of being shipped back and forth. Look, we do not like to charge fees, but certain situations will warrant a restocking fee, or even an outright refusal to take an item back.

  • We have had obviously used knives returned to us. If you return a used knife, or return components of an item in used state or missing, expect to get it right back in the mail. We will not take back used products or products that are missing any component of the package.
  • People breaking out microscopes and wanting the same knife model sent over and over till they get a "perfect" one. Realize that various makers have different levels of fit and finish. While you might 'expect' a knife to be one thing, that doesn't always mean that is the reality of the product you are purchasing. Contact us prior buying if you have specific needs, but remember that we are going off our rule of "would we add it to our collection", so things are subject to our own preferences and opinions.
  • People who are either indecisive or get scared when the credit card bill comes due and have returned more knives than they have kept. We want you to like what you get, but know that anytime you make a transaction with us, we have to pay fees. If you change your mind or return something, we do not get those transaction fees back.
  • Manufacturers sometimes make minute changes or improvements to a model or component. While we keep our pictures as up to date as possible, sometimes minor changes to a design will have occurred and not be pictured. If the change is major in appearance or function, we'll update photos. If it is minor, say the blade markings changed slightly or the clip on a sheath was swapped to a different brand, or something to that effect, the pictures might not be updated. We do our best, but sometimes things happen that we don't catch or the chance is so insignificant that it doesn't warrant a whole new photo set.

If you fall into any of these categories, please do everybody a favor and buy your gear at a show where you can hold it first hand.

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