Chattanooga Leather Works Single Shot Card Wallet (for Tactile Bexar and SAK Cadet)

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Known for their tough, versatile and high quality leather and kydex sheaths, Chattanooga Leather Works definitely has got leather gear dialed in. After long last, CLW is setting off in their longtime goal of building EDC-centric goods beyond their scabbard-making roots. The Single Shot Card Wallet is one of the first in their new lineup, and it's a helluva opening act! 

Taking aim at the way you carry your wallet and EDC blade, CLW saw an opportunity to streamline and combine them into one sleek and cool carry. The Single Shot is constructed from premium cowhide using CLW's precision cut layer design, for a supple yet durable build. The overall design takes shape of a classic double-sleeve card wallet, letting you hold 6 cards comfortably out of the box (and more if you want to condition the wallet to do so). But that's not all, as the Single Sot has and ace up it's sleeve: an integral slip sheath for a slim pocket knife! These Single Shots will store a Swiss Army Knife Cadet (Included!) or a Tactile Knives Bexar Slipjoint (sticks out a tad further, knife not included)! This lets you have a low profile and controlled carry, with a sleek card wallet for your daily needs. And thanks to CLW's precision craftsmanship, the knife tucks right in with enough poking out for easy retrieval with keeping the footprint small. Whether it be your backup blade or a low profile carry every day, this combo was made to be together! Combining your EDC and you card carrying needs, made in the USA, and cool as all get out. What else do you need?

Note: Comes with a SAK Cadet. Does NOT come with a Tactile Knife Co Bexar, but you can see some of them here!

  • 4 x 2.75 inches (WxH)
  • .595 inch thick (about)
  • Cowhide
  • Holds 6+ cards
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