New Site, Who Dis?


Tommy Leatham

After long, long, LONNNNGGG last: Monkey Edge 2.0 is live!

The first thing I want to point out is that "Two point ZERO" part. As in, first live draft, and I expect 2.01, 2.02 and so on, to be hot on the heels of this release. Long story very short, we have spent a long time trying to get the site "perfect". However, it is far from.

Turns out, it is not an easy process making a whole new site from the ground up, and a lot of this development has been done by other people because, quite honestly, this new platform is a lot different and a lot more complicated than our old site. And when other people that don;t necessarily understand the whys and hows of our operation, misunderstandings happen, frustrations go up, and production goes down. We have really, really been trying to get this as dialed in as we want and expect it to be - but it is still rough in several spots. There are lots of little tweaks that are already done and just need to go into the update queue, and a LOT of things that are in the works and are ready to be worked on.


"Well, why are you launching this then, if it's not perfect?"

A few reasons:

1) Chasing perfection is great, but it's never ending.

2) We need to get some real loads put on the site to see what works, and what doesn't.

3) Having two 'mostly' functional websites is really f&#%ing expensive and I am tired of paying for two when only one does anything.

The reality is that our development has gone less than smooth, and has taken way longer than it should. We are not going to make excuses or point fingers, but things have not been getting done how we wanted them to, so we need to get what we have live and start pushing forward and on to the next stages in this project. If left to tinker in the background, we might endlessly meddle and never get things moving forward, so it's time to rip off the bandaid and get this mother running!


"So what's it mean to me?"

Hopefully, aside from the new site layout to explore (and better content to enjoy), not too much. You are going to need to make a new account, as the V1 site is gone and all the settings and data with it. Don't cry, it will be fondly remembered. There is a new user section to look through with some pretty cool new features, and there is a lot of re-work on policies, Flex Pay, and some other things that we think are really going to be good for a lot of our customers.

There are also going to be bugs. This is your super duper important job: if you run into an issue, TELL US! We might not respond to you (we expect all sorts of emails - some from issues with the site, other with folks not knowing the new ways yet), but we promise we will be reading everything, testing and adding it to the list of what we are working on. Hopefully nothing game-breaking happens, BUT please be patient with us as we get things dialed in. Hopefully sooner rather than later, but we are at the mercy of those that know how to do this stuff and it is not always a simple fix!

ANYWAYS - we hope you dig the new digs, and are ready for the next big thing form your Monkey Pals! More to come, better than ever!



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