Email: It just doesn’t work anymore.


Tommy Leatham

Real talk, fam.

It’s been said before, but this is the “definitive” post about email notifications. It’s 2021, and while email has been a staple of our world for a time, it's based off decades-old technology. While there have been major leaps and bounds in email technology, it’s still fundamentally the same. However, as the ‘world network’ has gotten more and more complex, getting emails to work as you would want them to work has gotten tougher. With the difference in quality of provider, service and availability to networks, it has become impossible to provide a consistent stream of info from us to everyone. Add in the human factor (listen, I know it’s hard to believe, but people f%#k up entering their own emails ALL THE TIME, and sometimes have notifications turned off), and it gets even sketchier.

Now put all that on to a form of email list communication that was never intended to be a “fast solution”, specifically an “in-stock notification” system, and it’s the wild wild west out there. Who’s in service, who’s server is undergoing maintenance, who’s spam folders are sketchy, who’s email app is set to retrieve new emails instantaneously, and who is actually paying attention to those notifications, etc. We aren’t going to get too technical here, but there are a lot of factors why someone might get their email slower than someone else, or never get it, most of which have nothing to do with the sender. Basically, while in stock notifications work great to let 20,000 people know that their favorite big box store got 200,000 reams of paper in, it SUCKS at letting 500 people know that 15 doodads are in stock. It was never meant to be good at that, but has been shoehorned into that role.

We’ll admit, it was something we relied on for a long time because there was no real alternative with our way of selling gear (which you can read up on our blog post, Monkey Edge Limited Edition Releases and Checkout – An Abrasive Yet Helpful Guide). And there still really is no better universal solution at the moment. No, we are not taking email notifications off of the site, and no, you should not stop using it because it DOES work very well in some cases.

However, we have to face facts: it’s 2021, and the last year’s heavy shift to online shopping and communication has really stretched and broken ‘old’ electronic communication systems. Email killed fax, text messages killed pagers. Something WILL surpass emails for a universal instant notification. Until that time, it’s up to you to be crafty.

The good news is, there have been lots of advances in easy to use monitoring programs and apps and services that let customers know when things are changing in a site. We’re not talking bots that buy stuff without user input, that’s lame and something we will combat. But a program that tells you, “hey, there is something new on Monkey Edge” is not cheating. And you better believe some customers are using and have been using that sort of thing for years. No, we aren’t going to link to any. But internet search engines exist, and enough reddit posts and forum posts are out there to let even the most tech-illiterate figure it out. While you might not like it, the shift in electronic shopping has brought a shift in how consumers tackle challenges. Adapt or not, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. Basically, while we get it sucks, email is not a great notification system and if you rely on it solely as the only way to stay in the loop, you are intentionally lowering your chances to get certain releases.

TLDR: email sucks, don’t rely on it, and do not cry to us if it doesn’t work for you. You have been advised on its shortcomings.


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