ULTICLIP: Multi Purpose Carrier

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The ULTICLIP Multi Purpose Carrier is designed to be a "Jack of all trades" piece of kit that allows the user to attatch muiltiple items such as knives, tourniquets, trauma shears, and a plethora of other options to conquer the task at hand. The MP Carrier is built onto the UltiLink system thus allowing you to configure your gear how you want while the elasticity of the shock cord keeps your gear secure while staying easily accessible while on your person or attatched to your kit. On top of that, the MP Carrier can be rotated on the fly in 30 degree increments, allowing the perfect angle on your gear. For instance, if you want to attach trauma shears to a chest rig with the handle positioned straight up, It's ready to go. But say it's not quite right and you wish it was angled a little to one side - no sweat! Simply unlock the Pinion, rotate it, and re-lock it! The Pinion features chunky "teeth" that allow an easy, tactile and solid lock so you won't be fumbling for the right position. This can be done on the fly in seconds, so no tools or unmounting gear to get it just right.  

The UltiLink Lock is the "base" unit for the system. This is the part that acts as the home dock, mounted on wherever you want the dock to be. Common usage puts the Lock on a belt, anywhere there are rows of molle webbing, on hard surfaces that you can trill into, or pretty much anywhere you can think of and can rig up. The Lock features a 12-position interface for the Pinion, and a flared quick release handle with slot for lanyard pull. To attach gear to the Lock, simply pull the spring-loaded handle out, slot in your Pinion-mounted knife or gear, and release the handle. To unmount your gear, pull the handle, and pull your gear away. This system includes ready to go mounting solutions for molle panels, belts and more. The included slotted mounting hardware makes molle a breeze and will help hard-mount to many surfaces. Or, if you are feeling like it, you can hard mount the Lock to just about anything you can screw it or stick it to!

Multi Purpose Carrier Contents

  1. Ultilink Lock
  2. MP Carrier
  3. Screws and posts (4 sets)
  4. Lock Hook and Loop strap w/non-slip backer (1 set)
  • 3.35 inches long x .6 inch wide
  • Made in the USA
  • C-1075 steel
  • Black Oxide finish
  • Oil treatment for corrosion resistance and function
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