ULTICLIP: UltiTuck Clip

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Low profile, light weight, compact, and super-secure; these qualities are what makes ULTICLIP a very versatile and handy piece of kit to keep around! Unlike most traditional clips that rely on the shape retention properties of the material they are made from, ULTICLIPs utilize a locking lever design to keep your gear in place. This means that the ULTICLIP is not reliant on a belt to stay in place, letting you clip them on nearly any piece of clothing and most nylon gear. The clip profile features a top hook that helps snag seems and reinforcement details, helping keep your ULTICLIP in place even under extreme forces. The locking lever acts as a cam to both lock the clip closed, and add additional clamping force. ULTICLIPs excels in low-profile, IWB carry situations, and specialize in mounting your gear when you might not have a belt. The Monkey Crew uses ULTICLIPs in our personal carry, with some of our favorite applications being:

  • Light weight/exercise clothes - no belt, no problem with the ULTICLIP. Go for a run, do some yard work, or run to the store and still carry your gear.
  • Ultra low profile carry - mount your gear directly to your pants inside your jeans.
  • Deep tucking gear - with the right setup and clip, you can carry your gear under the radar and out of site.
  • Quickly moving gear around - ULTICLIP's locking lever lets you unlock, remove, change positions, and re-lock in seconds, in case you need to change your setup or clothes.
  • Clipping gear to bags - if your bag or sling doesn't feature a built-in solution to mount your knife or other gear, ULTICLIPs can easily turn any pocket or laptop sleeve into a sheath or holster mount in seconds.

The UltiTuck clip is designed as an alternative mounting solution for your holster opposed to clips that require the use of a belt. The UltiTuck keeps your holster secure and on your person/gear in either IWB or OWB configurations. The overall footprint allows the UltiTuck to be mounted on most holsters, allowing secure mounting to most holsters available on the market. The T slot hole design is flexible for most mounting layouts, standardized and other, and allows for greater flexibility for securing  your tools and canting. The slim but stout profile makes this a perfect option for carrying in gym shorts, jeans, and other applicationd where you need to keep your gear close and securely in place.

Full scematics available on UltiClips website.

  • 2.18 inches long x 1.5 inch wide
  • Made in the USA
  • 1075 steel
  • Black Oxide finish
  • Oil treatment for corrosion resistance and function
  • Hardware included
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