Starlingear Ryk Maverick Custom Valet Tray - Large Embossed Death or Glory

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Introducing Starlingear Custom Leather from Ryk Maverick. Each of these pieces have been individually hand crafted by Ryk himself. With a combination of Greg Everett's methods and Ryk's unique perspective and new techniques, the Ryk Maverick leather items are a tip of the hat to the past while simultaneously pushing the boundaries to the next level. As the Starlingear faithful know, Greg Everett has been working his magic in the Starlingear shop for years. From the world famous Starlingear "100 Year Wallets" to his meticulously formed and cobbled leather boxes, Greg has been behind a large portion of the Starlingear leather line. As an unabashed admirer of all craftsmanship, Ryk soaked up Greg's wisdom. After studying and refining, and with Greg's pending retirement, Ryk felt the time was right to launch the next evolution of the Starlingear leather line. Expect to see Ryk versions of some Starlingear classics as well as complete, new, Ryk conceived concepts.

About this piece: Ryk formed this large square valet tray with deep profile to keep all your gear in place. Since you have the coolest gear, you might as well store it in style! Ryk gave this one an intricate embossed design using vintage 1800's embossing dies and custom made Starlingear design dyes! Hand dyed, weathered and finished details really brings out a vintage weathered character! The whole piece has been wax-dipped both to hold the shape of the tray, and to protect it form the environment. Finished with a multi color finish with weathered patina vibe. Inside square area measures approximately 10.5 inches in wide and long and 1 inch tall.

  • European Cowhide construction
  • Embossed design
  • Hand colored, patina'd and Wax-dipped
  • Handmade in USA
  • Comes with signed warranty card/certificate of authenticity
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