RMJ Tactical: Slugger - Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern

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Batter Up! The boys over at RMJ knocked these exclusive Sluggers, out of the park! Each Slugger is turned from hard maple into an all-so-familiar, and oh-so-satisfying to swing baseball bat profile! Each Slugger features some killer Monkey Edge FRAG pattern and a red stained finish. The Slugger will be sure to leave an impression on whomever is on the receiving end! 

Note: Each one is made from different pieces of wood and hand finished. That means they are all going to be different in appearance, length, profile and shade, so don't freak out if yours is a bit different!

  • Diameter (at widest point): 2.25 in (about)
  • Length: 34 inches (about)
  • Weight: 1 pounds 15 ounces (about)
  • Material: Hard Maple
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