RMJ Tactical Fixed Blade: Wyrm - Blackout Textured/Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern 3V Syndicate

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Welcome to the 3V Syndicate!

Short swords are cool! The Wyrm from RMJ Tactical is the smallest in the trio, shorter than the Drake filling the 'tanto' role in the set, thus is super cool! See, some folks (the kind of folks that we assume wear florescent yellow fanny packs and only drink beers that are made by a hermit on a deserted island that have to be traded for with original poetry about service dogs, because it's sooo exclusive) see a short sword and they are like,"that's neato, but what would you use if for". Well, for starters, we'd use this bad boy for cutting off your lame fanny pack and smashing your beer! After that, we would point out the forward weighted balance that makes the wyrm excellent for chopping tasks while being small enough to throw in a pack or on your person. The super tough 3V blade will take ridiculous amounts of abuse, and is perfect for all your hard use outdoor needs. The blade has a black Cerakote finish for corrosion resistance, and these Wyrms have textured 'flats' for some extra cool looks! The handle fits great in hand, with or without gloves, and the Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern looks amazing and makes for a not too aggressive, but secure grip. It also comes with two extra sets of handle hardware so you can choose wich color that bests suits you. The kydex sheath allows for easy deployment when carried on your person or strapped to a pack, and comes with Low Ride M.O.C. loops.

About the 3V Syndicate (In RMJ's Words):

The 3V Syndicate is composed of three very select groups. One; RMJ USA's highly skilled craftsmen and designers. Two; the hand-selected inner circle of our most dedicated dealers. Three; You, and the other purpose-driven users who seek the very best high end cutting tools. All three groups are drawn together around top shelf products made from CPM 3-V steel. This high end, American made tool steel is a lot like the members of the Syndicate, it's cantankerous, extremely tough, and can be rough around the edges. CPM 3-V is hard on the equipment used to shape it. Machinery, cutters, grinding belts, and the craftsman's patience are all tested by this difficult to work steel. However, in the end, the tools crafted from it are worth the effort, they are the embodiment of American excellence.

Purchasing a Wyrm will give you access to the 3V Syndicate Safe House. As a 3V Syndicate member you are positioned for limited runs and exclusive products available only to members. Others need not apply!

  • Overall Length: 12.125 in
  • Blade Length: 7.35 in
  • Cutting Edge Length: 6.5 in
  • Blade Thickness: .185 in 
  • Weight: 8.4 ounces (without sheath) 
  • Blade Material: CPM-3V
  • Sheath: Kydex scabbard with low ride M.O.C. straps
  • What's included: 3V Syndicate welcome letter, 3V Syndicate coin, and patch, spare set of blue anodized titanium hardware
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