Hinderer Scale: XM-18 3.5 Inch - Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern

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Monkey Edge is proud to present our first collaboration with Hinderer Knives: Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern scales for Hinderer XM series knives. The linear Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern provides excellent grip under harsh conditions, yet is not overly abrasive if using with bare hands. Precision machined in the USA by Hinderer Knives exclusively for Monkey Edge with all the precision and quality you have come to expect from the Hinderer shop.

One of the great features of the Hinderer Knives XM series of folders is the ability to easily change the color of the scales by simply unscrewing the scale screws and pivot. This gives the user the option to change the look of their knife based on need (for instance using the orange scale to keep the knife visible in the field), or just because you feel like a new look. These scales are made of nearly indestructible G10 or carbon fiber and precision machined in the Hinderer Knives shop.

Note: Batch to batch, the FRAG's can vary a tad. Size of each FRAG, depth, etc. They will look just like the pictures or very similar, but there has been slight changes and variation over the years, batch to batch. Layered scales may vary form pictured, and the layers may be 'inverse' of what is shown depending how the piece of material being cut was made. For example, a "Blue/Black" scale might have black flats, or might have blue flats. We update the pictures as best we can but some batches will have multiple variations.

-Compatible with all generation of XM-18 3.5" folders (including Gen IV)
-Precision machined in USA
-Produced by Hinderer Knives at the Hinderer shop exclusively for Monkey Edge
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