Hinderer Scale: XM-18 3.5 Inch - Micarta Smooth

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One of the great features of the Hinderer Knives XM series of folders is the ability to easily change the color of the scales by simply unscrewing the scale screws and pivot. This gives the user the option to change the look of their knife based on need, or just because you feel like a new look. These scales are made of micarta and precision machined in the Hinderer Knives shop with a flat* surface (Note, these do not have a milled texture, but micarta naturally has a textured surface, so these are not really 100% 'flat' or 'smooth') . These are sized to fit the standard XM-18 3.5 inch model.

Note: Since we always get questions on this, we decided to show some of the differences in appearance on Micarta scales. Like any porous, absorbent material, Micarta will change in appearance depending on its state. If it's 'dry', it will be lighter in color with more of the white elements showing. When it is 'wet" (as in oil form your hands, cleaning etc) it will get darker. Just keep it in mind if yours looks one way or another!
  • Precision machined in USA
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