Hinderer Handle Nuts F-16: Titanium - XM-18 3 Inch

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One of the coolest things about the Hinderer series of folders is that they are modular and the user can configure them to suit their likes. You can now upgrade your standard steel handle nuts with these titanium versions!. Since the modularity of the Hinderer line of folders has become more widespread and intertwined with each other, it has become necessary to simplify the naming of each piece of hardware to be easier to judge which part fits on which models. Below is a list of all the compatible models for the F-16 Handle Nuts.

F-16 Handle Nut Compatibility:

  • XM-18 3 inch (all generations)

NOTE: Do NOT use LocTite or any thread locker with these screws! Hinderer Knives has sold THOUSANDS of knives. Just snug em down hand tight (don't crank on em) and they will stay in place. Hinderer Knives will NOT work on knives that have been LocTite on the frame screws!

  • Precision machined in USA of US titanium at Hinderer Knives
  • Set includes 3 handle nuts
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