Del Fatti Leather: PH-3 Pocket Seecamp Holster - Black Elephant/Cowhide

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For Seecamp pistols

Matt Del Fatti's PH-3 pocket holster is a very low profile way to carry small footprint pistols. Featuring a curved design, the PH-3 is sized to fit into most full sized pants or jacket pockets. The winged design helps spread the holster's surface to help reduce printing, while aiding in retention on the draw. These PH-3's feature a black elephant hide 'show' side, with black haircell cowhide on the other side.

Configured for right-handed shooters (holster on the right side).

Notes on Leather:

Cowhide leather (and other hides) is a truly wonderful material. It has been used since the dawn of man to protect and aid us apes, and it's still the go-to material for premium gear for the same very good reasons. It is strong, comfortable, and beautiful. It smells good and feels good. Knife sheaths, EDC gear, holsters, boots - you name it - it looks and feels amazing in leather. "Leather sounds amazing, what's the catch" you might ask? Well, the "catch" is only a "catch' if you have the wrong attitude towards leather. See, the aspects that make leather oh-so-wonderful, are also the aspects that make it unique - literally. Specifically, leather WILL change and develop its own character over time. As you use it and it breaks in, the colors will patina, it will get softer and more comfortable, and it will tell its own story after days and years of daily use. It also will scratch if you scratch it, wrinkle if you bend it, and generally change colors and shades if you touch it. Each and every hide used will have its own unique character representative of its origins.

This is a GOOD thing - but we have to address the elephant in the room: if you are not someone that likes how a material ages and changes, leather might not be for you. There are plenty of amazing modern materials that change very little with use, and if you are someone that likes a clinically clean aesthetic and wants your gear to stay that way over time, those are likely better alternatives suited to your tastes versus the leather option. Additionally, when someone wants a nice piece of leather, they want to get that new leather goodness that has not yet been worked over by some other chimp. That being the case, we have special rules regarding ordering, handling, and if it comes up, returning leather goods. So if you are thinkin' about buying some leather gear, you should REALLY read our Leather Guidelines and Return Policy so you don't monkey something up and find out you can't return it.

  • Premium elephant and cowhide construction
  • Approximately 5.5 inches wide
  • For right-handed users (mags carried on your left side)
  • Made in Greenwood, Wisconsin, USA
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