Chattanooga Leather Works: RMJ Tactical Pocket SES Sap - Brown/Green Embossed

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The Pocket SES Sap is a smaller more pocketable take on Ryan Johnson's classic SES sap design. The Pocket SES sap allows you to keep your bandana or handkerchief handy giving you some more leverage for that extra little bit of 'oomph'. Chattanooga Leather Works Constructed from premium cowhide with a lead and spring steel core. Thick enough to lay on a wallop, and easy to carry. This variation features a brown textured embossed finish with green stitching for a bit of contrast.

Note: Each one is hand finished, so they are all a little different. Don't get worked up, and know yours is truly unique!

  • Length: 5.6 inches (about)
  • Width (at widest point): 2.4 in (about)
  • Thickness: .68 in (about)
  • Weight: 10.5 oz (varies)
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