Strider Knives RC First Run No. 001 Flamed

Short Description

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The RC was an interesting model from Strider. The story goes that since Strider Knives were so associated with more linear designs, Mick wanted to design a knife that was almost the exact opposite, that was designed around a radial theme. Notice, there are like no straight lines in the design. Of course, being a Strider, it still had to be built like the proverbial brick sh@@thouse. The RC is a heavy duty beast of a folder. It has full titanium frame that has been inlet for the G10 scales. Full titanium backspacer that is relieved toward the rear for a recessed lanyard pin. Not wanting to mess with a successful part, the pivot and heavy duty titanium clip were carried over from the SnG/SMF family. The first run of 100 knives were stamped and this is #001. With its heavy use of titanium, extensive machining, the RC was an expensive knife to produce. Especially these early flamed versions where all that titanium had to be hand flamed (later versions were stonewashed tumbled). In the end, the expense and somewhat radical design just proved not to be near as popular as the SnG/SMF and the guys announced the final run and shelved the design to free up the production capacity. With all things Strider, you can never say never, but I would not expect to see any more RC's produced.

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