Starlingear Bead: Doughboy Monkey w/Stamped Helmet

Short Description

Monkey Vault items are personal items from the collections of the crew. They are not for sale.

Gift from Ryk Maverick. Starlingear has done rings from time to time in what they call "100 Stamp" versions. Basically in the wax, the piece is given a texture by Ryk literally stamping the wax with the S-Gear logo 100 times. Not sure if Ryk actually stamped the helmet 100 times, but if you look close, you can see the texture on the helmet is actually made up of S-Gear logos. Silver monkey head with patina copper helmet.

Special Note

Monkey Vault items are not for sale. We just wanted to share some of them from time to time. Items in this section are for informational purposes only and are not for sale.

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