Starlingear Ring: Gunner Flame Puncher - Cobalt Polished

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This year's centerpiece for the Starlingear Gear Fest Road Show Vol.2 in Japan, the new Gunner Flame Puncher is a straight from hell, bad to the bone take on the classic Gunner design! Featuring polished highlights, matte recesses and poloshed finished goggles, this Gunner is oozing attitude!

A note on sizing: Starlingear rings are all hand sized and therefore will fit different than mass produced 'cookie cutter' rings. The size listed is the best fit. Cobalt rings cannot be resized. For more information on Starlingear rings and sizing please check out our blog by clicking this link.

Please Note: We don't want to sound mean, BUT some of you guys are driving us nuts with regards to pictures, colors etc! As you know, every single Starlingear piece is handcrafted and hand finished and therefore colors will vary. On top of that, the nature of cobalt and lighting means the same individual piece can look totally different depending on the light. We can't photograph every single piece. We DO create separate listings for major color variations. Cobalt tends to either be in the blues/purples or the golds/bronzes color groups. This does not mean that your 'blues' group won't have some 'golds' showing or vice versa. Just keep yer pants on and realize that your piece is not exactly like any other!

  • Solid Cobalt
  • Handmade in USA
  • Hand applied and finish
  • Signed certificate of authenticity
  • Metal warranty card
  • Embroidered Starlingear pouch
  • Starlingear maker stamps
  • 1.41 in tall at tallest point
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