Starlingear Ring: Reaper Band - Copper

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Ryk has adapted the popular Reaper design to a flowing, integral band. A cool lower profile S-Gear ring.

Copper, while cheaper as a material than silver, is exponentially harder to cast and has a very large loss rate. In addition, it is almost "organic" in how it will change colors and patina over time. Ryk's flame finishing brings out unique colors and hues of the copper. Each one is hand done and will be unique.

A note on sizing: Starlingear rings are all hand sized and therefore will fit different than mass produced 'cookie cutter' rings. The size listed is the best fit. Any competent jeweler can 'stretch' the ring up a half size or so. Going up drastically or down in size will require some more skill. Starlingear can re-size rings for a fee. For more information on Starlingear rings and sizing please check out our blog by clicking this link.

  • Solid copper
  • Handcrafted and finished in USA
  • Signed certificate of authenticity
  • Metal warranty card
  • Embroidered Starlingear pouch
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