Starlingear Bead: Gummy Bang - Silver/Copper

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Cute and combustable, the Gummy Bang has both a sweet side and a bad side. The cuddly silver body is topped with a copper head complete with spoon and fuse! Carful, cuddle this guy too much and he'll blow you away!

About Starlingear Bi-Metal Beads: The Starlingear bi-metal beads are truly a labor of love. While already known for their multi-stage tumbling and finishing process, these beads are literally finished three times with a final hand applied high polish to bring out the character of the metals. Each hat is precision hand soldered to the head and each one is a unique, handcrafted, piece.

Note: Each bead is made by hand. That means, each one look a a little different. Know yours is totally unique!

  • Silver body with copper head
  • Handmade in USA
  • Comes with signed warranty card/certificate of authenticity
  • Starlingear maker stamps
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