Starlingear Bead: Buzzard - Copper/Brass

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A dry, sun cracked desert vista with a dusty breeze and dead foliage tumbling across the horizon. Sulking in the shade, the Buzzard bides his time until he spots his next meal stumbling across the dirt. Only then can he exert some energy to take flight, wait, and circle down to the ground... Copper head with weathered patina finish, and brass polished beak.

About Starlingear Bi-Metal Beads: The Starlingear bi-metal beads are truly a labor of love. While already known for their multi-stage tumbling and finishing process, these beads are literally finished three times with a final hand applied high polish to bring out the character of the metals. Each hat is precision hand soldered to the head and each one is a unique, handcrafted, piece.

Note: Each bead is made by hand. That means, each one look a a little different. Know yours is totally unique!

  • Copper with brass beak
  • Handmade in USA
  • Comes with signed warranty card/certificate of authenticity
  • Starlingear maker stamps
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