Hidetoshi Nakayama Steampunk Bead Holder

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NOTE: Beads NOT included.

Hidetoshi Nakayama is the master of making functional art, that has more going on that you might initially think. Featuring a steampunk aesthetic, these Bead Holders are turned from stainless steel and feature a satin finish. The main body features a shock absorber design, complete with spring and cup ends. The top end has the lanyard loop section with Hidetoshi's signature industrial aesthetic and acts as the interface between the pendant and whatever you are connecting it to. Whether it be your keys, a lanyard or chain, this is an easy attachment point. The bottom quarter of the design unscrews from the body, and you have the coolest toothpick or scraper around.

As it sits, all this is enough to make this piece cool. But, there's more! If you unscrew the individual screw from the top of the piston rod, the rod itself detaches from the body. What can you do with this? Well, you can slip one of your favorite beads onto this rod, adding bead holder/display to the list of things it can do! Take your keychain or fob to the next level by incorporating both a stunning, hand made Hidetoshi Nakayama element, but that of your preferred bead! The shock spring even acts as a tensioning device to keep your bead from bouncing around or rattling!

NOTE: Beads NOT included. Please see specs for more information on bead fitment.

  • Overall Length: 3.375 in
  • Weight: 1 oz (with Cross, lanyard loop, and pick)
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Bead Section Rod Diameter: .195 inch
  • Bead Section Length: .760 inch

Please keep in mind that these are the general dimensions you need to know to determine if your bead will fit. If your bead has a hole diameter that is smaller than .195 inch, it will not fit on the rod. The hole must have a continual, straight section of .195 inch or it will not fit. Additionally, if your bead's design spans longer than the .760 section, it might contact the ends of the section and cause the rod to not be able to seat fully. Many multi-part beads will have a tough time fitting if the section do not align with enough room to pass the rod through. Longer beads might bottom out or contact the ends of the section, not allowing the rod to fully seat. Let us know if you have questions, but you will still have to be able to determine fitment off of these provided dimensions, since we don't have your bead and can't measure anything. We can't really 'guess', since so many beads are hand made and will have hole sizing and position that is unique.

Hidetoshi Nakayama is a Japanese artist that seems to be capable of just about anything from carving, knife making, silver smithing, etc. He is renowned for his detail skills and old world craftsmanship. Each and every piece from Hide is literally hand made from start to finish in his shop. Hide's pieces are always innovative and are like work from a bygone era. In fact, check out this excerpt from Kimo's amazing video on the Starlingear Collaborators to see how Hide literally hand crafts his pieces.


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