Grips: Strider Fixed Blades (Medium) - VZ Aliens

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The famous VZ Aliens texture grip available for your Strider fixed blade. Whether your knife is cord wrapped or came with Gunner Grips scales, the holes in the tang are the same pattern. These grips are a direct replacement. Simply cut off your cord or unscrew your Gunner Grips and the grips bolt right on.

Medium Size Grips Fit the Following Strider Models:
MT Mod 10, WB Mod 10, BG Mod 10, VB, FS, MFP

Note: These grips, or any production grips for that matter, will NOT fit on any Strider WP or one-off style knife. These grips are specifically made to fit certain production Strider knives. As always, minor screw fitment may be necessary for the best, most locked in fit on some knives.
-Precision machined and hand finished in the US by VZ Grips exclusively for Monkey Edge
-Will NOT void your Strider warranty. Strider has sanctioned the use of these grips.
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