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Working with VZ Grips, Monkey Edge has developed Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern scales for Strider Knives fixed blades. Whether your knife is cord wrapped or came with Gunner Grips scales, the holes in the tang are the same pattern. The Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern Grips are a direct replacement. Simply cut off your cord or unscrew your Gunner Grips and the Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern Grips bolt right on. The texture gives a secure grip while being a bit less abrasive than the Gunner Grips.

Thickness: Strider produces many of their fixed blades in various steel thicknesses. You will hear folks talk about "thin stock" or "thick stock" Striders. We now offer two sizes of hardware to better accommodate the different thickness of the steel.
  • Thin Stock: Steel thickness of around .190 in (or 3 US quarter coins) thick
  • Thick Stock: Steel thickness of around .250 in (or 4 US quarter coins) thick

Medium Size Monkey Edge Frag Pattern grips Fit the Following Strider Models:
MT Mod 10, WB Mod 10, BG Mod 10, VB, FS, MFP

Note: The Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern grips, or any production grips for that matter, will NOT fit on any Strider WP or one-off style knife. These grips are specifically made to fit certain production Strider knives.

Details on the hardware: You can search high and low in every industrial and fastener supply listing and you won't find top quality scale screws like these. How do we know? Because we did it for months until we had these custom machined for us. Made in the USA from 416 stainless steel that is heat treated for hardness and melonite finished. Head takes the commonly available 3/32 allen wrench. Price includes one screw and one nut/bushing (male and female set).

To accommodate a wider range of blade and grip thicknesses, we have had this batch produced with two different sized nuts (bushings, female end). The screw (male portion) is the same for either set. Just select your bushing (female) size.

Short Bushing: .325 (when fully screwed together) to .420 (with 5 turns of thread engagement)

Long Bushing: .450 (when fully screwed together) to .540 (with 5 turns of thread engagement)

NOTES FOR STRIDER SCALE FITMENT: Strider Knives come in all shapes and sizes. You will need to measure your actual knife, as well as the thickness of the scales you are mounting, to find the exact fitment needed. Please note that you might have to do some minor fitting to get optimal fitment/thread engagement. There are so many variations of stock thickness and revisions on the thickness of the different handles over the years, that if you ask us which ones to get, we can only give you our best guess. If you measure all the components and reference the sum of those measurements with the above measurements, you can get them dialed in. OR, you can do what Strider does, and get the long version and grind them down to length for the absolute maximum thread engagement!

  • Precision machined USA by VZ Grips exclusively for Monkey Edge
  • Will NOT void your Strider warranty. Strider has sanctioned the use of these grips

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