Fellhoelter TiBolt FAP Cap - ZircuTi/Zirconium

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The FAP (Fellhoelter Accessory Pen) cap adds some extra fun to your already awesome TiBolt! Replaces the stock top cap/stem on your TiBolt with a more bitchin' looking version for some extra bling. But that's not all boys and girls! The FAP Cap not only looks great, but also is a mini spinner! Yup, that cap spins on a little bearing! Simply remove the stock clip screws, pull out the stock cap stem, and replace with the FAP Cap!
Cap: Standard profile from ZircuTi
Stem: Blackened zirconium

Note: Patterning/finish may vary from pictured. Don't get worked up if yours is different and enjoy your one of a kind piece!
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