Fellhoelter CrafTiBolt Knife - Titanium Tumbled Wilson

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A modern, bad@$$ rendition of the covert specialty: the pen knife! Live your deepest 007 fantasies in covert greatness (spy fantasies, please, not the ones with Bond girls...) with a full titanium CrafTiBolt bolt action craft pen! Modeled after the G2 TiBolt in size and shape. With the push of the bold, deploy a razor sharp, replaceable craft blade! This version features full length Wilson design with tumbled finish.

Construction: The whole pen body, tip, clip and bolt are precision machined in USA from 6AL4V titanium.

Function: The craft blade is deployed using the spring loaded bolt lever on the side of the body. Push down and over and cut away. A quick push back toward the clip and the spring takes over and snaps the blade back up.

NOTE: THIS IS A KNIFE, NOT A PEN. It will not accept pen refills.

  • Overall Length: 4.7 in
  • Body Width: .45 in
  • Weight: 1.4 ounces
  • Material: 6AL4V Titanium
  • Blade: Excel Blade #65 (Part Number 20065)
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