Fellhoelter Knives Fellholder Magnet - Titanium Tumbled

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Brian Fellhoelter is always looking for new projects and gadgets to make. Legend has it, one day he was making some cool $#!% in the shop. Like always, he had his rare collection of signed Timothy Dalton headshots along for something to gaze at when the machine was running. During a tool change, Brian fixed his coveted collection of that charming, covert operative on the side of his machine and went to work. Disaster Struck! The paltry magnet Brian picked to prop up his prized photographs failed, and the pics plummeted into a pool of oil, ruining the entire collection. Alliteration aside, this was the breaking point! Brian decided he would not eat or sleep until he came up with a solution so he would never feel this level of heartbreak ever again. Into the workshop he went, and true to his word, did not emerge until he created the best magnet he could. Cutting no corners and sparing no expense, he created the incredible Fellholder!

Or, you know, he just wanted a good magnet.

ANYWAYS, the Fellholder is a truly amazing magnetic device. Aside from the miracle of magnets and the enigma of how they work, the Fellholder has been build from the ground up to be amazing. The body is precision machined into a chess-piece-like shape, features a wide base, thin stem and slightly wider head. This gives you a tactile way to place and remove the magnet. When placed on a vertical surface, this design also makes a place you can hang things like lanyards or keys, staying in place thanks to the diameter of the stem being smaller than the base and head. Each Fellholder features a N52 neodymium ring magnet that can support a tone of weight, over 5 pounds (so long as the surface being used has a strong magnetic property)! Surrounding the magnet is an o-ring that both keeps the base from scratching against the mounting surface and makes it easier to break the magnet free when moving it. At the very top of the head flat sits the "BF" logo. This Fellholder is machined from titanium with a tumbled finish.
  • Width: .75 inches at base
  • Height: .85 in
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