Chattanooga Leather Works: RMJ Tactical Wilderness Rig - Kestrel/Eagle Talon

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If you are looking for an old-school-cool way to carry your Kestrel-Family RMJ Tomahawk (Shrike, S13, Kestrel, Kestrel Feather, or Eagle Talon), then the Wilderness Carry Rig is for you! Crafted entirely of leather, the rich look and feel give you a sense of adventure as soon as you throw it over your shoulder. It features a full-length adjustable shoulder strap comprised of a pad and brass fittings. Designed to be a top eject set up, with straps to secure the tomahawk while out and about channelling your inner Davy Crockett.

Weight: 1lb 5oz

Designed and manufactured in the USA

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