Chattanooga Leather Works: RMJ Tactical Nap Hammer - Black Embossed

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When someone just needs to go nighty-night, might as well acquaint 'em with the Nap Hammer! 11 ounces of lead and spring steel wrapped in premium cowhide, embossed with an intricate design on both sides and ready to lay out a good thumpin'. The butt end of the Nap Hammer leads to a forged steel ring, perfect for attaching a lanyard or whatever you want. These feature a black body with either green or red stitching for a bit of contrast. Thick enough to lay on a wallop, and easy to carry.
Note: Each one is hand finished, so they are all a little different. Don't get worked up, and know yours is truly unique!

  • Length: 8.75 inches (about)
  • Width (at widest point): 2.15 in (about)
  • Thickness: .88 in (about)
  • Weight: 12.1 oz (varies)
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