Strider Knives Shield Medallion - Brass Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern

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Machined in the USA from a solid chunk of brass the Strider Knives Shield Medallion is more than mere metal, its a badge of honor for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Great for throwing in the pocket to use as a challenge coin, worry stone, paperweight or just a cool piece of pocket jewelry. Both sides feature the Maverick Monkey and some killer Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern! Given a two tone brass finish with satin flats that will transform and patina over time to tell it's own story. 

Notes on Brass:

This is a disclaimer for all you folks who slept through high school chemistry class or somehow not aware of the nature of brass.  All metals will change colors and looks over time depending on use, environment etc. This is especially true with brass. This means it may get a darker, may change colors with patina, or it may get shiny and polished where it is rubbed by another material (like say your pocket). If ya want it to stay all shiny and new looking, you will have to keep polishing it with a product like Brasso or any of the homegrown solutions you can find with an internet search. OR, you can accept that what make brass a cool material is that your piece will change over time and tell its own stories and truly become one of a kind.

  • Dimensions: 2.14 in tall x 1.675 wide x .190 in thick
  • Weight: 2.2 oz
  • Material: Solid brass
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