How does Monkey Edge release new gear?

So - you are on the lookout for some new gear, and don't want to miss out next time we have it, huh? Well, while we can’t guarantee you a sure-fire way to score on the next big launch, we can share some info on how we like to do releases and some tips you might need to have a better shot! Before we get in too deep, know this: these are general guidelines to the sorts of things we do - but they are no means "the rule". We might handle some releases totally different, and some close but not exactly the same. So, don't get mad because you didn't read that last sentence or forgot about it.

Monkey Edge adds products up in two basic ways: Random product releases and announced product releases.

Random releases are just like it sounds: we randomly add up new products and restock products on the site, with no warning or fanfare. These could be simple products like a restock on a shirt size or more grip screws, or they could be one-off custom knives and gear that you'd fight a pack of pissed off howler monkeys to try to get! Sometimes you may never know a product even existed, it came and went with only one person who saw and then bought it as fast as their fingers could type. For restocks on certain items, there can be more notifications. If you happen to get to an out-of-stock product page, there will be an email sign up for restock notifications. If you sign up, next time that specific product comes in, you should get an email. Please note: emails are not immune to problems, and not every item will ever be restocked. Additionally, some products change, and if there is a significant change that warrants a restock being a totally new SKU, you will not receive notifications when that new product is added up - it is seen as a wholly "new" thing on our system.

Moving on, we have the announced releases. By "announced" we mean that for these releases, we have said something publicly somewhere about them as either "coming soon" or "live". Generally speaking, this means we have made a post on our Instagram and/or Facebook page, and maybe have sent out a custom curated Newsletter (not to be confused with in-stock notifications). Often times for really hot, highly anticipated items, we will show off the new gear as Coming Soon on the site with a product page to look at and sign up for in stock notifications, etc (more on these in a sec). If the announcement was not of the "these are for sale right now" variety, but instead a "coming soon" announcement, it means that sometime after that post the gear will go live. It could be in three minutes, it could be in three weeks. We purposefully post things up randomly so there is no real knowing when exactly we are going to put stuff up. So what do you do to be on the ball? Well, you sign up for those in-stock notifications, you follow our social media (and sign up for notifications if you can), subscribe to our newsletter, join EDC groups that watch this stuff, and above all else: keep watching the site! There is no 'sure fire' way to get the hottest gear, so the more things you are watching, the better your odds. 

So to break it down:

  • Gear gets posted randomly at random times seven days a week.
  • Lots of products will be posted or restocked with zero warning or fanfare by us.
  • Some gear that does get announced will be announced with only "it's for sale right now".
  • Some gear is announced as "coming soon", which means it will be posted sometime in the future. We will not say exactly when, and it could be minutes later or weeks later.
  • Follow our social media, subscribe to our newsletter, join EDC groups, never stop watching the site, and sacrifice furry creatures to your favorite demon for your best chances at seeing new releases.

To sum it all up, it's hard out there, and you need to be on your A-game. If you haven;t already, go read our Abrasive Guide on our blog all about releases and WHY we do things this way. We promise, it will be helpful!

A quick word on Emails.

Though we generally think email works just fine all the time, there are actually quite a few things that can go awry with an email. We have an in-depth write up on our blog should you want to read it (you really should). The TL:DR is, they don't always work, and its 99.99% of the time not our fault if they don't. Most of the time it's a matter of technical or user error (meaning people type the wrong email address, have a type, or have slow notifications on their phone). Basically, we send them all at once, but that has no bearing on when you might get that email, and often it is after the release is sold out and the dust has settled. So, don't get mad at us if you put all your eggs in the Email notification basket, unknowing that there is a foot-wide hole at the bottom.

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