Pro-Tech Knives: Strider PT Auto - Stonewashed/AlBronze Textured w/Abalone Button

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The Small but mighty PT makes its return with the same classic ergos and design we all know and love, but now in an automatic format that has been superbly executed by Pro-Tech! When you handle the Pro-Tech PT, it will feel instantly familiar. It is identical in size to the "flat" or "standard" profile PT we have all come to know and love throughout the years. The spearpoint blade deploys lightning fast and features a wear hiding stonewashed finish and sports the Strider and Pro-Tech logos. The AlBronze frame has a recessed firing button to prevent accidental firing, however with the milled relief, makes it easy to find and activate when needed. The frame features textured milling and jimping in key spots that allow for a comfortable and secure grip without being overly aggressive. Legendary Strider design in a in a small easy to carry package.

The Frame: AlBronze frame with textured milling, satin hardware and deep carry pocket clip, and abalone inlaid into the firing button.

The Blade: Classic spearpoint profile with 3/4 grind and ground from CPM Magnacut and given a wear hiding stonewashed finish

Notes on Bronze: This is a disclaimer for all you folks who slept through high school chemistry class or somehow not aware of the nature of bronze. All metals will change colors and looks over time depending on use, environment etc. This is especially true with bronze. This means it may get a darker, may change colors with patina, or it may get shiny and polished where it is rubbed by another material (like say your pocket). If ya want it to stay all shiny and new looking, you will have to keep polishing it with a product like Brasso or any of the homegrown solutions you can find with an internet search. OR, you can accept that what makes bronze a cool material is that your piece will change over time and tell its own stories and truly become one of a kind.


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  • Overall Length: 7 in
  • Blade Length: 3.065 in
  • Cutting Edge Length: 2.475 in
  • Blade Thickness: .110
  • Weight: 5.5 ounces 
  • Blade Steel: CPM Magnacut
  • Handle Material: AlBronze w/abalone inlaid button
  • Included: Box
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