Nottingham Tactical: Standard Pen - Damasteel/Zirconium Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern - Double Lock

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Full zoot TiButton Pen fully decked out in stunning Damasteel and zirconium! The pen body and tip is 100% Damasteel displaying intricate layers and minute details, enhanced by the Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern on the body to show the layers. The amazing TiButton Mech is machined from Zirconium with a blackened finish. The machined zirconium clip has a matching blackened finish, and can be hot-swapped to other Nottingham machined clips just by taking off the zirconium screws. Totally decked out, cream of the crop, and will instantly make you the cooler than all your other friends!

Made 100% in house, the Nottingham Tactical TiButton is a stout mid-sized pen that is long enough to get a full, comfortable grip for writing (or anything else you want to do with it) while staying compact enough to carry all day.

About the TiButton Mechanism: Nottingham's TiButton is a simple to operate and robust mechanism, built to be reliable and offer a repeatable locking and unlocking action long past the point of your thumb wearing to the bone. The lock utilized a spring loaded plunger on the click button that rides in a groove on the click body. This Double Lock variations locks in both the open and closed position, making accidentally writing in your pocket a thing of the past! To deploy the pen tip, simply press in the locking plunger, press the click down, and release the plunger to lock the pen open. By doing this, the plunger compresses into the button, and when the button is pressed, is moved to a wider part of the click body that, when releases, locks the plunger in the "down" and extended position. To close, just press in the plunger and the cartridge will retract under spring tension!
  • Overall Length: 4.875 in
  • Body Width: .4 in
  • Weight: 1.9 ounce
  • Material: Damasteel/Zirconium
  • Ink Cartridge: Schmidt Easy Flow
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