Nottingham Tactical: G2 Full Size Pen - Titanium Two Tone Blackened Dottingham

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The G2 Full Size Pen uses the -you guessed it- the STANDARD, full sized Pilot G2 cartridge! Made 100% in house, the Nottingham Tactical TiButton G2 is a stout, full sized pen that is comfortable to write all day with and hold up to day-in and day-out use and abuse.

  • Pen body, clip and mechanism 100% made in the USA
  • Body is precision machined titanium
  • Custom mechanism and pocket clip machined from titanium
  • Two tone blackened and tumbled finish with full length Dottingham design

About the Mechanism: Nottingham's Pens can be configured with one of three different 'click' mechanisms (more info on each below).

  • Overall Length: 5.4 in
  • Body Width: .4 in
  • Weight: 1 ounce
  • Material: Titanium
  • Ink Cartridge: Pilot G2

USA Made Titanium Goodness

From click to tip, each Nottingham Tactical Pen is made right here in the USA with premium titanium. Designed, machined, finished and assembled by the NHT crew with the goal of bringing a light, strong and amazing looking writing tool to your EDC. This G2 Full Size Pen brings you the biggest Pen in the lineup, light enough to carry all day and packing an uber comfortable full sized grip for long writing sessions. 



Note: pictures may show different model/variation.

Lock and Load
Nottingham has multiple robust advancing mechanisms to choose from, so you can dial in both the feel of your pen and the function to your environment and preferences! 

Nottingham's TiClicker is Nottingham's take on the classic "top-click" design. The mech is machined from Titanium for a light-yet-robust feel, with an ultra-smooth action. Unlike your run of the mill plastic click pen, the TiClicker mechanism operates on a machined cam track design, so the rear button moves in and stops without the hard "click" sound, but a more stealthy, well oiled machine noise.

The TiButton Single Lock is a simple to operate and robust mechanism, built to be reliable and offer a repeatable locking and unlocking action long past the point of your thumb wearing to the bone. The lock utilized a spring loaded plunger on the click button that rides in a groove on the click body. This Single Lock variations locks in the closed position while offering a sturdy mechanism that is fast to retract! To deploy the pen tip, simply press down the click button like normal. By doing this, the plunger is moved to a wider part of the click body groove that, when releases, locks the plunger in the "down" and extended position. To close, just press in the plunger and the cartridge will retract under spring tension!

The TiButton Double Lock mechanism locks in both the open and closed position, making accidentally writing in your pocket a thing of the past! To deploy the pen tip, simply press in the locking plunger, then press the click down, and release the plunger to lock the pen open. By doing this, the plunger compresses into the button, and when the button is pressed, is moved to a wider part of the click body that, when released, locks the plunger in the "down" and extended position. To close, just press in the plunger and the cartridge will retract under spring tension!

Which Pen Is Right For YOU

Nottingham Tactical Pens come in three distinct sizes: the G2 Mini, the Standard (also known as the "Parker Style"), and the G2 Full Size. Each one offers a full sized grip, allowing the pen body to hit the webbing between index finger and thumb. Each is fully capable of extended writing sessions. The G2 Mini excels at being a small and easy to carry option in your pocket or in small cases. The Standard is the jack of all trades, easy to carry without being too big. The G2 Full Size still can fit in your pocket, and offers the most stable writing experience.

Ink Compatibility

Aside from the physical size of each model, the size determines which ink cartridges can be utilizes. The G2 Mini accepts the Pilot Mini G2 refill (note: it does NOT take the full-sized Pilot G2 refil). The Standard accepts all "Parker Style" refills, like the Parker Gel, Schmidt Easy Flow, Retro 51, etc. Finally, the G2 Full Size accepts standard Pilot G2 refills along with any other refills that follow that pattern, such as the Pilot V5 and V7.

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