Nottingham Tactical: Machined Pocket Clip Kit - Two Tone Anodized YKNOTT

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Convert your Nottingham Tactical TiClicker or TiButton Pen clip to a machined Titanium clip!
Swap the standard titanium clip on your pen for this upgraded machined clip. Nottingham's Machined Clip design features two main parts - the clip itself and the mounting base. What this means is that once you install the mounting base on your pen, you can quickly swap different milled clips out to change the look or swap parts with other pens. To swap clips once the mounting bracket is installed on the pen, simply remove the two T8 screws, change the clip, and reinstall the screws.

About this Clip: Full Titanium clip with YKNOTT design engraved on top and a two tone tumbled and anodized finish.

NOTE: To install this clip, you have to remove the pen mechanism. There are several specialty tools available to accomplish this, as well as 'standard' tools and methods to remove the mechanism. Nottingham has made a walk through video on how to change the mechanism, embedded below:
  • Material: Titanium
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