Matthew Martin Cap Pen Deluxe: Zirconium/Bronze (500ZrB D)

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  • Body and cap: Precision machined blackened zirconium and bronze
  • Writing tip and pointed end: Bronze
  • Clip: Satin finished titanium

About the MCM 500 Deluxe Series Pens: is a traditional threaded cap pen design that features a ton of machined details. The fine thread pitch cap is easily removed and can be threaded on the non-writing end. The reverse (non writing) side has a subtile, but effective point for striking and compliance techniques. The main body is a machined spiral design. The pen writing tip, reverse tip and cap end all feature 8 sided faceting that matches the end of the cap as well.

  • New design features such as hidden fastener for cap tip and modified grooves for better ergonomics and cleaner overall look
  • Comes with O-rings that can be applied to the radial grooves on writing barrel for more grip
  • The reverse side has a subtile, but effective point for striking and compliance techniques
  • Compact (but still grippy) titanium clip
  • New cartridge pocket and spacer system allows for even more refill options than before
  • With spacer, compatible with Fisher Space Pen cartridges (included) as well as most Parker-style refills from Parker, Schmidt, Foray and more
  • Without the spacer, the 500 series will now take a Pilot G2 cartridge, one of the most popular and easy to get a hold of refills available

About Matthew Martin: Matthew Martin is the son of renowned knife-maker R.J. Martin and it is clear the apple has not fallen far from the tree. This guy has been turning metal into chips since he was knee high to a grasshopper! Each MCM piece is crafted entirely by Matt in his shop from top grade materials and attention to detail.

  • Length: 5.125 inches (with cap on writing end)
  • Thickness: 0.5 Inches
  • Weight: 2.8 oz
  • Cartridge: Fisher Space Pen pressurized
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