In Stock Guarantee

Our goal is to make the shopping experience simple, streamlined and easy.

The general rule of thumb for the site is:

  • If you can add something to your shopping cart, it is in stock at our shop. If you can't add something, or by extension, you choose a variation or option to add to the cart, we are sold out.

What we are saying is, the gear we list is physically at the shop, and we do not drop ship, pre-sell gear we might be getting in, or anything lame like that. We sell what we actually have to ship.

In an attempt to make things as straightforward as possible, we hide out-of-stock products so you aren't browsing through tons of items blindly, half of which are unavailable. This means less fluff and more substance on the site. On occasion, we may leave one thing or another up when out of stock, to either show it off or allow easier access to sign up for stock notifications. Most of the time, though, we take out of stock product pages down so you don't have to figure out what we do and do not have!

We hope this makes things easy, and readily apparent what we actually have for sale. Every now and again, our human side flares up and we forget how to count, so an item you add to the cart might be out of stock. It happens few and far between, but it does happen on occasion. We hope you can forgive us in the off chance, and know that the responsible party will be flogged mercilessly for the infraction!

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