Dmitry Streltsov Pen: Kamikaze - Engraved Bubbles

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Another stunning piece from Russian pen and jewelry maker Dmitry Streltsov. The Kamikaze series pens are straight ninja! The design is comprised of three equal sized bamboo stalks, which plays into the modular design of the pen. See, each piece of bamboo correlates to a different part of the modular system, and allows for several configurations without severely changing the aesthetic. This one is finished with full length bubble engraved details and features a spring loaded matching titanium clip! The three main parts of the design are the cap, pen section, and spike section. As you can probably guess from the names, the pen and the cap are... the pen and the cap. The spike, however, is where things get interesting. The spike is nearly identical to the pen section, but instead of having the male end on the opposite side, it has a female threaded end. This allowed the system of the three parts to effectively "stack" in different configurations for your needs:

Standard Discreet Configuration: The parts are stacked Cap on top of Spike on top of Pen. In this form, the Spike is left hidden within the pen. To write, you unscrew the bottom portion only, which is the pen section. If you want, you can even screw the pen module into the bottom of the middle spike section, and write as normal. If things get dicey, you instead unscrew the cap, which reveals the spike itself. The pen module has a flat on the end that acts as a thumb rest, and allows you to screw the cap on to it as well.

Standard Spike Configuration: The parts are stacked Cap on top of Pen on top of Spike. In this form, the spike is exposed at all times. If you want to write, you unscrew the middle pen section (this function is closest to normal cap pen function") and go,. You can screw the cap in on the spike ind for retaining it as well. When you unscrew the cap, you get a double ended spike design (one side is the spike, one side is the pointed tip) which allows for two ends of compliance when gripped in the center.

Low Profile Configuration: The parts are stacked Cap on Pen, the spike being left out. This is the shorty configuration, with the pen screwing into the cap with no spike. You still get a stout design, and you can retain the cap on the pen and have some defensive capability as well.

Overall Length: 5.25 in (with cap on), 4.75 inch (no cap), 5.125 inches (cap screwed on grip)
Body Width: .585 in
Weight: 2.2 ounces
Material: Titanium
Ink Cartridge: Lamy M22
Included: Slip sheath

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