Blackside Customs Yo-Yo - Titanium Natural

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Blackside Customs was born with the goal of bringing excellence in design and craftsmanship to the portions of your EDC kit that are typically overlooked. Since the time of the Greeks and maybe before, the yo-yo has been an interesting example of "simple to learn, difficult to master". From ancient paintings to staples of almost everyone's childhood, the yo-yo has captured the interest in millions of people. Odds are, if you are reading this, you had a yo-yo at one time (or still have them). Doing what they do best, Blackside Customs saw an opportunity in their lineup and proceeded to fill it in as cool a way as possible. Taking their unique design language of 'retro stylings-meet-modern design and production', the yo-yo was a prime target to bring what Blackside Customs is to a new level. Whether it be a fidget toy, a meditative tool or just something to have fun with, the Blackside Customs Yo-Yo is ready to fill the void in your EDC lineup you may or may not know existed.

Being a Blackside Customs product, they went all-out to create the perfect balance of easy to use, fun and visually stunning.

The first bit is incredibly difficult. While some of us want the highest of hyper-performance, the reality is that most users (and a lot of the people that want it) can't handle an expert-level yo-yo. There is much more to those types of yo-yo's than 'up and down', requiring tons of practice to be able to competently make the thing do the most basic of tasks. Instead, Blackside focused on a more traditional function, with a more throwback feel in the way the yo-yo operates. If you can operate any yo-yo, you can operate the Blackside Customs Yo-Yo.

Next, while it's good to be able to actually be able to operate these things, there needs to be more. Blackside build the shape and design to offer a solid and fast yo-yo that will allow you to do some more advanced moves, and with a feel that is unmatched by any basic yo-yo you can pick up at the store. The metal body gives you a solid feel in hand that is incredible satisfying the grab, throw, loop around and catch. The yo-yo has been scalloped around the edge for more grip in the throw. If you are a master-class thrower, or this is your first one, you will feel the substantial design in hand and the satisfying throw immediately.

That brings us to the design. Simply put, the Blackside Customs Yo-Yo is stunning. From the outward retro styling to the the small details, these look as good in motion as they do on a shelf. Each half of the yo-yo is expertly machined into a classic domed shape. Each side looks like a jet turbine mixed with a vintage wheel and hub cap, with each dome opening in the center and a smaller domed center inside at the hub. The coolest part is that each dome has been recessed so the material that would be underneath the partially domed section has been removed, cutting out some weight and giving another level appreciation to the understated yet complex design! The perimeter scalloping gives you some extra grip on the throw and the catch.

Whether you want to rekindle your childhood love for the yo-yo, see a premium addition to your EDC gear, or want to have a fun way to pass the time or relieve some stress, the Blackside Customs Yo-Yo is the perfect choice. Each one is machined right here in the USA from US-sourced materials in very limited batches.

About this Yo-Yo: Expertly machined from light and tough solid titanium with a natural machined satin finish. Polished central axle. Comes with black and blue Snake Bite string.
Overall Width: 1.4 in
Overall Diameter: 2.3 in
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