Blackside Customs T-Bot - Brass

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Blackside Customs is back, bringing more excellence to your EDC with a much beloved and ever popular tool for you kit: The Munroe Knives T-Bot. This innovative piece has long been discontinued through Munroe, but now you can rejoice as your pals at Blackside Customs got the deets from Munroe, and are bringing sexy back!

Smart Guy Write Up: The Munroe T-Bot was designed to be a very innocuous looking device that could be carried in non-permissive environments. The T-Bot serves as an excellent implement for striking as well as using as a compliance device.

Caveman Write Up: It don't look scary so you can carry it just about everywhere. It is good for either beating somebody or poking them till they cry.

Oh yeah, it also opens bottles of tasty beverages! The simple but effective design allows the user to manipulate objects with much more dexterity than other ringed-knuckle-type tools, so if $#!% goes even more sideways, you don't have to worry about taking off the T-Bot to use any other gear. Holes in frame allow it to serve on your keyring or clipped to your gear.

About this T-Bot: Solid brass construction that will age, weather and patina with time to tell it's own unique story! Each one is left raw machined for some character (these are not space shuttle parts, these are tools to be used and carried, so don't expect them to look like they were made in a clean room) with a light tumbled finish to smooth out the corners and edges.

Note: Some pictures might show other finish variations Each T-Bot is hand finished so each is unique! Don't sweat it if yours looks a little different.

Notes on Brass:
This is a disclaimer for all you folks who slept through high school chemistry class or somehow not aware of the nature of brass. All metals will change colors and looks over time depending on use, environment etc. This is especially true with brass. This means it may get a darker, may change colors with patina, or it may get shiny and polished where it is rubbed by another material (like say your pocket). If ya want it to stay all shiny and new looking, you will have to keep polishing it with a product like Brasso or any of the homegrown solutions you can find with an internet search. OR, you can accept that what makes brass a cool material is that your piece will change over time and tell its own stories and truly become one of a kind.

  • Width: .190 in
  • Overall Length: 4.625 in
  • Weight: 2.9 Ounces
  • Material: Brass
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