Blackside Customs + Starlingear: Strider SLCC Tanto - SUMI/Copper Vintage

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Some knives just get all the cool stuff! Not only is the Blackside Customs SLCC living its best life with a wicked SUMI finish and custom copper handles, but those handles have been fully customized and decked out in awesome by Starlingear! That's right, Blackside sent a set of handles to Ryk Maverick, and Ryk did his thing. Each set feature custom Starlingear elements, as well as vintage brass medals and custom BSC logo badges. Each one is then hand finished with Starlingear's signature patina and polish, making for a truly unique and stunning SLCC!

Blackside Customs bringing Strider's low profile SLCC hotness, Blackside-style!

The Strider Knives SLCC is one of the shop favorites for actual EDC concealed carry roles. The crew has a few in the carry rotation, and there have even been some Monkey Edge exclusive SLCC variations over the years. Long story short, we really like the SLCC. SO, when we heard our buddies over at Blackside Customs got the green light from Strider to make the concealed carry champ with some Blackside Custom's spice, we had to get in on it! A little begging later, and the Blackside Customs Strider SLCC with Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern was a go!

About the SLCC Model: Mick Strider originally designed the SLCC to be the ultimate back up and concealment blade. Its unique handle shape allows you to get a secure grip on the knife, yet allows the knife to be shorter in overall length. The SLCC was designed with purpose to be flat and shorter than a "normal" fixed blade, yet still provide full fixed blade capabilities. The SLCC has found great favor with military, law enforcement, and armed folks who appreciate its ease of carry. We have seen them just static corded inside the waistband, behind mag pouches on plate carriers or duty belts, sewn into jacket liners, and every other thing you can imagine!

Blackside Customs took this and ran with it! The slim profile is here, instantly recognizable as an SLCC with some added BSC touches. The SLCC comes out of the box with G10 grips, this version rocking some Monkey Edge FRAG Pattern for added grip without being overly abrasive to your skin. Speaking of which, since the SLCC often gets carried close on your person, the Cerakote finish will help keep corrosion at bay. Signature touches like Blackside Custom's fuller groove milling at the spine and custom torx hardware holding on the grips. Pop the grips off for a more slim and streamlined carry, or cord wrap them for some grip and extra resources. All of this tucks into a kydex sheath with included IWB loop, and is ready for your preferred mounting solution.

The Blade: Reinforced flat ground tanto profile with milled grooves and given a two tone SUMI finish

The Handle: Thin and flat copper handles with a symmetrical design and lanyard hole. Scales done up by Ryk Maverick of Starlingear with hand patina and polished finish, "They Lie" badges, and custom Starlingear details! Custom brass BSC logo and blasted titanium hardware. These will patina and change over time to tell their own story!

  • Overall Length: 7 in
  • Blade Length: 3.85 in
  • Cutting Edge Length: 3.5 in
  • Blade Thickness: .155 in
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces (without sheath)
  • Blade Steel: CTS-XHP
  • Handle Material: Carbon fiber
  • Sheath: Kydex with IWB loop
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