Blackside Customs + Starlingear Phase 7 SDM Dagger - SUMI/Copper Vintage

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Some knives just get all the cool stuff! Not only is the Blackside Customs Phase 7 SDM Dagger living its best life with a wicked SUMI finish and custom copper handles, but those handles have been fully customized and decked out in awesome by Starlingear! That's right, Blackside sent a set of handles to Ryk Maverick, and Ryk did his thing. Each set feature custom Starlingear elements, as well as brass Gunners and custom American flag badges. Each one is then hand finished with Starlingear's signature patina and polish, making for a truly unique and stunning Phase 7!

The next step in their path of Worldwide EDC Domination: The Blackside Customs Phase 7 SDM (Size Does Matter) Fixed Blade! Being veterans of making killer gear to elevate your EDC game, Blackside Customs has taken the next step of kitting you out: blades! The very first entry into their Wet Work Series knives is the Phase 7 SDM double edged dagger. Drawing from classic discreet concealed blade designs and purposes, the Phase 7 SDM is a more combat oriented size that can take on larger tasks, while still staying fast on the draw. Keeping with Blackside Custom's unique 'Retro-meets-Modern'' look, the Phase 7 SDM fits in equally well in your modern EDC as it would in a 1950's spy thriller. The classic double edged dagger profile will make short work of anything you throw at it, and features a fuller groove and matte Cerakote finish. The large symmetrical handle profile features subtle yet smart profiling and jimping to stay locked in your hand. The handle scales are held on with custom hardware. Lanyard hole at the butt end. The Phase 7 SDM really nails the sweet spot for when you need to squeeze in a couple of extra inches while still having the option to throw it in/on your kit comfortably. Each one comes with a kydex sheath ready for your preferred mounting solution. 

The Blade: Classic double edged dagger profile with fuller groove ground from CPM Magnacut and given a two tone SUMI finish

The Handle: Thin, flat copper handles with textured flats and symmetrical design and jimping, with lanyard hole. Scales done up by Ryk Maverick of Starlingear with hand patina and polished finish and custom Starlingear details! Custom brass American flag and black titanium hardware. These will patina and change over time to tell their own story!

Notes on Copper:

This is a disclaimer for all you folks who slept through high school chemistry class or somehow not aware of the nature of copper. All metals will change colors and looks over time depending on use, environment etc. This is especially true with copper. This means it may get a darker, may change colors with patina, or it may get shiny and polished where it is rubbed by another material (like say your pocket). Take those pennies out of your pocket and see how different they all look. Well there ya go: that’s copper! If you want to keep your copper all shiny and new you will have to keep cleaning it with any of the homegrown solutions you can find with an internet search. OR, you can accept that what makes copper a cool material is that your piece will change over time and tell its own stories and truly become one of a kind.

  • Overall Length: 9.25 in
  • Blade Length: 4.55 in
  • Cutting Edge Length: 4.35 in 
  • Blade Thickness: .150 in
  • Weight: 12.9 ounces (without sheath) 
  • Blade Steel: Magnacut
  • Handle Material: Copper Scales w/custom Starlingear elements
  • Sheath: Kydex 
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