Bill's Custom Cases 6 Pak 6 x 2.5 Inch

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You spend a lot of money on your knives, don't just store them in some el cheapo case. Bill's Custom Cases are hand made in the USA by a man who understands quality and what your knives deserve for storage. The Multi Knife Cases from Bill's Custom are the best way to store or travel with your collection. The 6 Pak holds 6 folders of up to 6" in length and keeps them wrapped and safe from damage. The 2.5 in wide version is nice for larger folders or larger items like flashlights. It also takes up much less room than using individual cases. Great to take empty to a show and then fill up with your purchases or to store your collection in the safe.
-Handmade in USA
-Synthetic fleece protects the finish of your items without absobing moisture
-Secured with YKK Brand Hook & Loop closure

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