Anso of Denmark Pry-M8 Multitool Titanium - MONKEY EDGE EXCLUSIVE

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The Pry-M8 is back, baby! Another innovative, EDC friendly tool from the Danish mad genius of design Jen Anso! The Pry-M8 Multitool is a small, lightweight, titanium piece that is easy to carry and packs a ton of function in a small package. One side has the Anso logo, while the reverse has the Maverick Monkey logo. Like peanut butter and chocolate man! Each is precision machined from titanium and given Anso's unique finish and anodizing. Tool has the following functions:
  • Pry edge
  • Bottle opener
  • 1/4" slot for bits
  • Lanyard clip points

Length: 2.2 in
1.5 in
Thickness: .190 in
Weight: .9 Ounces
Material: Titanium
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