Ace Metal Works Ring: Ace Ming Skull Large - Titanium

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Ryk has been conquering with his latest designs for Ace Metal Works. Show your friends no mercy as you out-cool them with your awesome new Ace Ming ring! This Ace Ming Skull is large in size (similar to Starlingear Puncher size). Size 12.

Ace Metal Works
is a new line from Ryk Maverick of Starlingear fame. Rick is a multifaceted artist and does work in many different genres and styles. He wanted to do a more traditional-looking skull as sort of a 'tip of the hat' to his mentor Gabor Nagy and thus Ace Metal Works USA was born! Featuring the same handmade, craftsmanship and quality Starlingear is known for in a whole new style.

About Titanium Ace Metal Works: If you notice, most titanium jewelry is machined and not cast with Ace Metal Works detail. Titanium is an incredibly hard material to cast. For comparison: silver melts at about 1763 degrees F, while titanium has to get up to over 3000 degrees F! In addition, there is a very high loss rate with the titanium as the metal does not flow into the mold as easily. Titanium results in an incredibly light bead, and AMW has perfected the art of bringing out incredibly vivid colors!

A note on sizing: Just like Starlingear rings, all Ace Metal Works USA rings are all hand sized and therefore will fit different than mass produced 'cookie cutter' rings. The size listed is the best fit. Please note that titanium cannot be resized. For more information on Starlingear/Ace Metal Works rings and sizing please check out our blog by clicking this link.
  • Solid titanium
  • Handmade in USA
  • Signed certificate of authenticity
  • 1.48 in tall at tallest point (from top to tip of jaw)
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