Starlingear: Ryk Maverick Custom Vintage Tiffany & Co Treasure Box

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Like Ryk likes to say: recycling Starlingear style! Ryk found this killer vintage 1900's sterling silver Tiffany & Co box, and just had to make it into something spectacular! Once he paid a hefty chunk of cash for the vintage box, he got it back to his bench, he gave the case a blackened vintage patina on the outside. He adorned it with custom Starlingear elements. The silver Monkey Pirate with copper hat and brass pipe sits top center, and is surrounded by vintage bronze findings, dual silver Slicksters, and a silver S-Gear badge!. The front features a copper Cross with silver S-Gear flanked by vintage bronze elements. A Slickster badge on both sides of the box, as well as Ryk's "signature" badge in brass finishes the outside. Moving inside, both the top interior of the lid and the bottom of the box feature custom leather inserts! The top has a custom embossed design made with vintage book embossing dies, and features the "Hold Fast" text. The bottom has more vintage die embossing, and is S-Gear stamped from a custom-made die. In the corner sits a sterling silver Tentacle that matches up with the embossed design. The leather elements are hand dyed and weathered for a killer look to match the piece. The interior of the box has been jeweled for a little extra dazzle. To hear Ryk talk about these pieces is enthralling in itself. He loves the history and the knowledge that somewhere at sometime, someone really was using these pieces! This Treasure Box has been taken to the next level and is ready to hold your treasures and gear for generations to come.

  • Vintage Tiffany & Co "L" marked sterling silver box
  • Silver, brass, and copper, and bronze elements
  • Custom leather interior
  • Handmade in USA
  • Comes with signed warranty card/certificate of authenticity
  • Metal warranty card
  • Exterior dimensions approximately 8.25 in x 3.5 in x 3.25 in tall
  • Interior dimensions approx. 7.375 in x 3.25 in x 1.6 in deep
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