Starlingear Ring: Slickster SCUD Hunter Puncher w/Brass Star - Silver

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Ryk is a huge fan of military history and wanted to do a piece that harkened back to the British SAS that went behind enemy lines in Iraq to destroy the mobile SCUD missile launchers. The world famous Slickster is wrapped in an Arab style shemagh and ready for action! Limited version with brass star.

A note on sizing: Starlingear rings are all hand sized and therefore will fit different than mass produced 'cookie cutter' rings. The size listed is the best fit. Any competent jeweler can 'stretch' the ring up a half size or so. Going up drastically or down in size will require some more skill. For more information on Starlingear rings and sizing please check out our blog by clicking this link.
-Solid sterling silver
-Handcrafted and finished in USA
-Signed certificate of authenticity
-Metal warranty card
-Embroidered Starlingear pouch
-1.6" tall at tallest point
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