Starlingear Ring: Goblin Puncher (Halloween 2017)

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t has been a Starlingear tradition to create a new ring every year with Ryk Maverick's take on a scary theme. The annual Halloween rings have become some of the most sought after Starlingear creations. For the history and past designs of the Starlingear Halloween rings, check out this post on the Monkey Edge Blog.
You can see the greed on his evil little face! Don't take your eyes off him or you might find your purse cut, or maybe even your throat! Watch out, the Goblin is here! Each ring comes with specialty packaging themed to the release. This standard version is solid sterling silver with Starlingear textured finish.
  • Solid Sterling Silver
  • Handmade and finished in USA
  • Signed certificate of authenticity
  • Metal warranty card
  • Special Goblin Packaging
  • Starlingear maker stamps
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