Starlingear Necklace: Vintage Line Slickster - Silver/Kamagong/Vintage Silver

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About the S-Gear Vintage Line: While best known for bold "in your face" styling, Ryk Maverick of Starlingear is a multifaceted artist and from time to time likes to add his signature style in a different direction. It was one of these creative storms that led Ryk to start the Starlingear Vintage Line. The Vintage line takes the signature Starlingear style and combines it with other materials for a whole new look while retaining the Starlingear identity.
About this piece: This necklace is comprised of round Kamagong wood beads that feature a very dark, almost black color with subtle dark brown grains. Of course, there is some signature S-Gear with dual micro silver Slickster skulls on the main necklace. The pendant at the bottom is made from a vintage Haseler and Co. fob that Ryk customized with a silver Slickster and S-Gear badge, and finished with a blackened patina with polished highlights.  Measures about 27 inches long.

  • Silver skulls and badge
  • Kamagong wood beads
  • Vintage John Thompson & Sons silver watch fob
  • Handmade in USA
  • Comes with signed warranty card/certificate of authenticity
  • Starlingear maker stamps
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