Starlingear Bead: Frankenchimp Halloween 2023 Limited - Cobalt

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Deep within the labs of Dr. Frankenchimp, an evil most unnatural stirs... By his hands, the reanimated corpse of one of creation's most clever beasts, but transfused with a brain corrupted and foul. A brain that does not reason, does not think. A monster, overflowing with unbridled rage and an overbearing desire to destroy. The mad Doctor thought he could contain his creation, but it has escaped, and it is here!!! Sterling silver Frankenchimp with polished and patina finish.

If you still have not reserved your 2023 Frankenchimp Puncher Ring, NOW is the time! Reservations are open until the close of Halloween, so don't dally or else it will be too late!

It has been a Starlingear tradition to create a new ring every year with Ryk Maverick's take on a scary theme. The annual Halloween rings have become some of the most sought after Starlingear creations.

Please Note: We don't want to sound mean, BUT some of you guys are driving us nuts with regards to pictures, colors etc! As you know, every single Starlingear piece is handcrafted and hand finished and therefore colors will vary. On top of that, the nature of cobalt and lighting means the same individual piece can look totally different depending on the light. We can't photograph every single individual ring. We DO create separate listings for major color variations.  Just keep yer pants on and realize that your piece is not exactly like any other!

  • Solid Cobalt
  • Handmade and finished in USA
  • Signed certificate of authenticity
  • Starlingear maker stamps
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